måndag 10 februari 2014

On vacation in Laos

After arriving in Vientiane I wasn’t really sure where to go next, I wanted to see the north part but didn’t feel like riding up there and back again the same way. But I like Laos and wanted to stay here for a while, so I decided to for the first time leave my bicycle and get on a bus. So with almost no time frame I got on a bus and headed up north. I stayed a couple of days in Vang Vieng then up to Luang Prabang where I got stuck for 11 days just because I met so many nice people and such a good time that I didn’t want to leave. It’s also a beautiful place with an amazing waterfall and a great location along the Mekong River. After those 11 days passed by fast the people I had been hanging out with went down to Vang Vieng and since I didn’t have any rush to leave Laos I also stopped by there again, this time for 4 more awesome days. These twee weeks was exactly what I needed, a break from cycling and just relax and have fun with other backpackers. Here’s some photos from the trip..
Luang Prabang:

Vang Vieng:

I’m back in Vientiane and back with my bike again. The plan for the next weeks is to head into Thailand and ride towards Cambodia.  

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