onsdag 2 juli 2014

Final destination

After almost two weeks of laziness on Langkawi I got up early in the morning and rode to the other side of the island to catch the ferry over Penang. Luckily there were no problem bringing a bike on the speed boat, just had to pay an extra 10 RM for it that no one ever checked.
It had been a while since I did couchsurfing so I was excited to do that again in Penang with a guy named Rohan. He was really nice and made me feel at home at his place with one of the best view in town.
I stayed there over the weekend and on Friday we went into Georgetown for the weekly couchsurf meeting which had a good turnout that night and it was really nice to meet other travelers and hosts in a cozy café in the center.
The next day Rohan and I decided to go up the Penang Hill witch you can access by a steep railway up to the top at 735 meter. The hill felt like walking around in a park with many old colonial villas on the hills. And with a smoggy view it wasn’t amazing, most fun was the ride up and down on the train.
After Penang I began cycling south towards Kuala Lumpur witch is my last destination before flying back home. Because I hadn’t done that much cycling the last days I took it a little slower and never pushed more than 100 km per day. I stayed in small hotels along the way and there was nothing really amazing to see along the way. I just felt like I really wanted to get to KL when I now was so close, and mentally I was already on my way back to Sweden.
The last day ended up being the longest and I got up at 6 in the morning to be able to make the 130 km into KL. It’s not easy getting up at that time but it’s worth it once you’re on the bike and can ride for a while with some cooler temperature and without the burning sun.
I was surprised that the road into KL was so good for cyclists. Maybe it wasn’t meant for cyclists but almost all the way into town next to a bigger road there was a separate road for motorbikes, and me. I didn’t get too lost in the city and made it to my host’s place at 4 in the evening. Here in KL I stayed with Felicia and Adam who was amazing hosts and I really felt at home there. I’m not much of a big city guy but enjoyed my time there, did some sightseeing, hung out with Felicia and Adam and tried to stay up at night to watch football (failed many times).
It feels very strange to be heading back home again after being away for so long. It’s mixed feelings but I’m really looking forward to go home and for my sister’s wedding. Cycling in Asia has been an experience of a lifetime and I’ve met so many amazing people that made the trip what it is.

Thanks everyone for the great memories..  

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