söndag 11 december 2011

Winter update

It's been a while since I updated this blog. Mostly  because not much have happened regarding the trip. The winter has come and it's cold and dark outside, cycling have been replaced by running and others exercises. I have to keep my body in shape to be able to withstand all the challenges I'm facing on the long journey to come.

Even the dark cold winter has it's beautiful days. This is from today's jogging by the river, it's 14:30 and the sun is about to go down.

I made an attempt this fall to get some sponsors on board to help me with some material. But after contacting the companies and dealers that had the type of products I was interested in I got nothing but no for an answer. Some had a collaboration with other adventurers and some just didn't have money in the budget to sponsor my adventure. Perhaps because of how the economy  is right now and that they don't have money to spend on small projects like mine that doesn't guarantee to show there brand in the media. But that's okay for me, I wasn't expecting that much when looking for sponsors. This just means I have to invest in some products, and when I don't have to take sponsors into account I can choose the products I really want.

Another investment I made this fall was a LASEK eye surgery. It's been a little over two months since the surgery and I couldn't be more happy with it. I can see perfect now and don't have to think about lenses and eye glasses anymore. Eye surgery have been something I have thought about for some time now but always postponed it because It have sounded a little unpleasant when I've heard of it. But the surgery went well and was over in a couple of minutes. I did the surgery at Koskelas eye clinic in Umeå, they were great and I'm very happy with everything. The hard part was the three days following the surgery. The two hour bus ride home wasn't very pleasant because my eyes was very sensitive to light and tears was running from my eyes. So the days after I stayed in my apartment with blacked out windows and was listening to audiobooks for three days. But it was all worth it especially because of my upcoming adventure, which is the reason I finally decided to do it. It's going to make my life much easier when I'm out traveling and don't have to carry lenses and lens water and all the other problems it bring when you have to rely on glasses and lenses to see.

It's now starting to sink in that it's only a couple of months until summer and departure of my life's big adventure. This winter and spring I will continue training, working and try to save as much money as i possibly can. Next month I will be meeting a doctor to go over the vaccines I will have to take before leaving.
I am very much looking forward to getting on the bike and pedaling out into the world.