måndag 30 juli 2012

Moving out and back home again

Today I handed over the keys to my apartment. Even if I sold a lot of things I still had to store many boxes in my parent’s attic. And this week I will be living in my old room in my parent’s house. It feels a bit strange to me moving back into this house again, but it’s great to be able to spend a lot of time with my family before leaving.
I’ve decided that I will be leaving this Sunday. The only thing that would stop me from doing that would be a storm, then I will postpone the departure a day or two. But I got my mind set on Sunday and I’m super exited to begin.

fredag 20 juli 2012

Last day of work

Yesterday was my last day at the job where I have been working for more than six years. It’s a great feeling that I am getting close to the dream journey that I have been talking about for two years now. But I will miss all my colleagues and would like to thank everybody for this time. And who knows, maybe I’ll be back =)

måndag 9 juli 2012

T Minus 1 month

Departure is near and I can't wait to get out on the road.
I'm working two more weeks and my last day at work will be Thursday 19th.
Almost all the gear is ready except for a few things that will be arriving later this week.
Packing everything have been easier than I thought, but even though I have been careful only to bring light and small gear it's still going to be heavy on the bike(and me=).
Since I have been trying out all the gear and feel comfortable with everything I don't think I will be cycling as much these last weeks, I will be on that bike enough later anyway.