söndag 30 juli 2017


Back at it again!
It’s now been about 3 years since I flew back to Sweden after cycling 3700 km to Malaysia. And for different reasons I’ve never gotten back out on a shorter bike trip since. But now I couldn’t wait any longer and decided to head out to Norway for the remaining 10 days of my vacation.
The planned route was from Sandefjord in the east to Stavanger in the west, from there a ferry to Denmark and onwards to Gothenburg.

And I have to say it was such a great feeling to back up the bike again and just ride. Even though the first morning ride was just to the train station in Gothenburg it was just great. After a train ride up to Strömstad I got on a ferry heading for Sandefjord and the start of the trip. I got there in the afternoon and thought I would push on for a while to get a good start. And the famous Norwegian hills started immediately and I started to regret I had rested myself in shape the weeks before =)

I got a good start of 50 km that day and crawled into my lovely little tent again where ive spent so many nights before. The next day I woke up to a rainy morning, but since its Norway that was expected. I got in just over 100 km that day and ended up camping by a lovely little lake in the mountains. And if it hadn’t been for the mosquitoes it would have been just perfect.

The advantage of camping at that spot in the mountain was that the next day started with a wonderful downhill to the valley. The ride along the lake close to Vrådal was great, but I knew more challenging hills was coming up later that day. Those hills just kept coming and around every bend there was more uphill. My legs were literally screaming at me to stop, but since it was mostly wet lands there was no good place to stop for the night. So I pushed on op the hill and then down the hill to a great camp spot in a nice and calm valley by Flateland.

The next day would be the toughest uphills with a peak at 1050 m.a.s.l. I was very lucky with the weather and got to enjoy the mountain pass in mostly sunshine. It was a lot of hard work but so rewarding and cycling up on the mountain was amazing.

After going down one more valley I continued on the next day up on the last mountain pass heading for the little village of Lysebotn. With only 35 km left I could really enjoy a lovely ride up the mountain and later on down the winding Lysevegen down to the start of Lysefjord.
Since I was early in I took advantage of that and rented a kayak for a wonderful trip in the beautiful fjord.

The next day I left my bags at the campsite and cycled the road  up the mountain again with an elevation of 630 meters. From there I hiked up the mountain to the amazing Kjerag and the famous Kjeregbolten. So with and amazing view of the fjord and mountains I took the step out onto the bolder that is jammed in between two mountain sides.

The next morning The little speed ferry left Lysebotn and headed into Stavanger where I later that night got on a night ferry to Hirtshals, Denmark. And after riding the hills of Norway the flat roads of Denmark was a nice change. But it didn’t take too long before I started dreaming myself back to the mountains and fjords again..