måndag 10 september 2012

Wonderful days following Elbe.

After leaving the wonderful Michaelis family I set my sight on Elbe. Towards Elbe I followed The Elbe canal which. It was great to cycle right next to the canal all the way to Lauenburg. The first night following Elbe I found my own little beach to sleep in end for the next three nights I would find similar places. So except for the weather day two on my Elbe tour and had a wonderful time with great bike roads.

The problem I had was a little incident with an old man in a car that ran into me. It’s not as dramatic as it sounds. I was cycling along the bicycle path and the car was going to cross it and turn right. But the man only thought he had to look one way before driving out so he hit my back pannier. A kept my balance but was nudged out into the road, but luckily there was no car coming the other direction. I guess I have to be more careful and expect that drivers don’t always see me. Because even if it’s their fault, I’m the one that is going to get hurt.

After leaving Elbe yesterday I thought I could get close enough to Berlin to take it easy the next day and see Berlin. But I misjudged the distance a bit and I had headwind almost the entire day. I’m having some problems with my GPS right now because of some reason the detailed maps in an area around and in Berlin are missing. But I guess it’s a good thing to learn not to trust technology to much.  So after doing about 90 km yesterday I decided to stay at a little lake outside Götz. And that was a great decision because I could take it a little slower today and get some coffee and internet time here in Potsdam.

So today I will try to find a good place close to Berlin and attempt to cycle in to the city early tomorrow.

I noticed this morning that I had reached 3000 km=)

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  1. Put your GPS in your pannier and get a good paper map instead. Much more adventurous. Besides it is not sure you can use GPS in stan countries so you better get used to maps.

    I enjoy your reports and are looking forward to follow your journey.

  2. Härlig läsning! Jag följer tramptagen ut i världen...

  3. I rode to Lauenburg once along the Elbe. It's really a very nice small town. And it is very pleasant to ride along the Elbe.
    You are having a very fantastic adventure. It really take a lot brave to have a bike trip for one year.
    Wish you have a nice ride!

    The Chinese you met on NO.99 in Flensburg