onsdag 19 september 2012

Let’s go Bayern

When leaving Leipzig I had some problems with finding the right road. One road that I thought I could cycle turned out to be a highway, but after talking to some helpful people along the way I was able to find some nice roads. A set up camp by a lake and had just set up my tent when a storm came in. There was a lot of rain but by the morning the rain had stopped and I continued on south.

This evening I found a little lake where I could wash of and I had scouted a nice place in the forest to set up the tent. But when I had eaten dinner and was sitting and reading two men came by and we started talking. And when I said I was sleeping in the forest one of the men offered me to stay at his place for the night. So I followed his car through the dark for about 5 km to his house where a got ever more food, some beer and we watched Bayern Munich beat Valencia in the Champions League. It doesn’t get any better then that=)

And tomorrow I will also be sleeping indoors in Plauen where a family that a met while cycling in Sweden lives.

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