tisdag 11 september 2012

Ich bin ein Berliner

After about three hours at coffee shop in Potsdam I cycled on closer to Berlin and at about 6 pm I found a great place by the Havel. It was better than the first place I checked out where a couple was having sex en the beach. And I thought it was a little inappropriate to set up camp next to them=)

And this morning I woke up early and was ready to take on Berlin. I was expecting it to be very difficult cycling in to this big city, but it was actually very easy and I only had to follow the signs with bikes on them. So I was here at about 10 and had a whole day sightseeing around Berlin. The weather was very warm today, at about 30 degrees. And I there was tourists everywhere. But I saw the sights here and was absolutely exhausted in the evening. So after seeing the Olympiastadion I went back in to the center and checked in to a hostel for the night.

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