lördag 1 september 2012

Next up, Germany

After leaving the campsite in Hudinge i continued on west towards the great belt. And throughout Denmark the roads have been great. They have really thought about cyclists when planning the roads and it has been great cycling here. I even ended up in a roundabout for cyclists=)

I had to cross the great belt on a train from Korsor to Nyborg, and from there I continued to Middelfart where I found a great place for the tent right by the sea. And for the last four days I have found great places by the sea to sleep at, and each evening I’ve taken a dip in the not so warm sea. But at least I can wash of a day of cycling.
Yesterday I crossed the border into Germany, and after being able to get by with Swedish so far (even though it was hard to understand Danish), it’s English from here on out. So far Germany has treated me very well and everyone I have met has been nothing but nice to me. I was even given a cold beer on my first night here in Germany by a man who had a weekend house near where I had my tent. That’s one on the great things about traveling like this, you meet so many great people and many of them have stories of their own to tell. I’m hoping Germany will continue to surprise me. And it looks like I will be lucky with the weather because what I can see now it’s going to be 20° and sunny the next few days=)

And by the way, this was a nice surprise to see at a store here in Germany. A slice of Sweden=)

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  1. Hi Samuel

    We met at the train between Korsoer and Nyborg. maybe you diden't understand a shit of what I was saying, saw you had difficulties with Danish:-)

    What a great project you started, I will follow it with highly interest, and give a comment along the road.

    All the best
    /John - Korsoer, Denmark