fredag 21 september 2012

International language of Lego

Yesterday I had a nice and relaxing day in Plauen. I fixed the tube that was flat and then I, Maria, Anna and Emilie took a little trip in to the center of Plauen. And it was nice to be on the bike without the panniers for once even if it takes a little while to find the balance when you are used to having the bags on the bike.

In the afternoon I followed the family to their church where the kids had built an impressing Lego city. And I even got to help out and I and Emilie built two nice houses. And in a way Lego brings people together much like sports do. Because me and Emilie couldn’t really talk, but we managed to communicate well enough to build together. And I felt like a little kid again playing with Lego=)

Today I’m going east towards the border into Czech Republic. And I’m looking forward to seeing a new country again after three great weeks here in Germany.

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