onsdag 5 september 2012

Where to sleep?

After having a nice calm day at a campsite in Karlsminde I felt ready to get on the bike again. Even though it’s nice sometimes to take it easy and relax it feels great to be on the bike and be moving forward again. Because I have gotten used to seeing new places every day and I like it a lot.

From Karlsminde I headed east and was planning on finding somewhere to sleep at a lake that was about 80 km away. But when I got there I couldn’t find anywhere to set up the tent so I decided to continue on to the cost. When I finally got there it was about six a clock and I looked around for a place for my tent without any luck. A then went to the campsites in the area but they were closed for the night. I got hold of the manager at one place but he just said something angrily in German and made a hand gesture at his trough. Apparently the soup nazi have a German cousin running a camp site there. So after that unpleasant encounter I got a little worried I wasn’t going to find somewhere to sleep that night. I have been lucky so far, but I knew there will come days when I won’t be as lucky. But finally I at least found somewhere to set up the tent. It wasn’t optimal but at least it was something. I ended up in a wooden area close to some houses. But I stayed at the beach until it got dark and then went in to the woods to put up my tent. I then got up early in the morning and went back to the beach. And it was kind of nice to get up at five a clock and go to the beach and watch the sunrise.

The next day I learned from my mistake the other night and found myself a nice place at around two in the afternoon. And I got a nice day at a wonderful beach in Timmendorfer. It looked like a very expensive place with many nice hotels and big mansions, so I got a few looks when I got my trangia out to make dinner. And after that I could crawl into the woods when it got dark=)

Since I stopped early yesterday and didn’t rush through Lübeck I could take it easy and see the city today. I even stopped by a coffee shop to do a little update. Later today I will continue on south and probably reach the river Elbe by this evening.

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