söndag 21 oktober 2012

Up and down

After a visit in Trieste I started the climb up the hill to try to find a place for my tent. And I found a nice place with a view of the sea. But the fog had been there all day and I couldn’t see the sea like I wanted to. The fog also made it very moist and after putting up the tent it started to get wet within a couple of minutes. And the next morning it felt like it had rained. I had to cycle through a thick fog the whole morning and could only see hundred meters in front of me. This was too bad because I couldn’t see the nice scenery around me.
But after ten a clock the fog lifted and the sun warmed me up and I could see the mountains around me. And after crossing the border into Croatia it was only downhill to the city Rijika where I stayed at a hostel for the night. I was a big hostel but there was only a few people staying there at this time. And the funny thing was that the guy who slept in the same rooms as I was also Swedish.

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  1. Hej!
    Jag känner till backarna eftersom vi körde den vägen i somras. Det var riktigt spännande trots att vi satt säkert i vår husbil. Trampa på och sköt om dig!/Christina L