fredag 5 oktober 2012

A quickie in Austria

After two days spent mostly in bed it felt great to get on the bike and to be on the move again. I didn’t feel 100%, but I was bored of being still in that place and I felt I could keep going if I took it a little slow. And I was lucky with warm weather and the wind was also on my favor this day. So later that day I had gotten down to the river Donau, just 20 km from Vienna. And after a early start the day after that I was quickly in the city center. But the cold was still hanging over me and I didn’t have the energy I would have wanted to have to take on a big city like Vienna.
But I managed and what a beautiful city. I have never seen so many old beautiful buildings in one place. And after having spent a day in the city I decided not to check in to a hostel, but to instead continue cycle along the river towards Bratislava. Maybe I should have stayed in Vienna because spending a day in the city had taken a lot of energy and on top of that a had a head wind on my way east. But after a while I found a bench next to Donau and forest behind me to set up my tent in. 
Today I cycled the 40 km I had left to Bratislava. I feel better today even though I still have a runny nose and a cough. But I’m in a warm bed at a hostel tonight so hopefully I’m full of energy tomorrow. From here I’m following Donau down to Budapest. It’s great that many of these nice cities are so close. And after I’ve been to Budapest I’m very close to the mediterranean=)

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