måndag 1 oktober 2012

Sick day

After leaving a rainy Prague on Thursday I followed the Vltava River for a while before turning south-east towards Vienna. The landscape continued to be hilly and cycled on some nice roads with great scenery.
On Saturday morning I woke up and wasn’t feeling to well. I had gotten a cold for the first time on this trip. And this morning it was only a couple of degrees outside. But I had to pack up my things and head of. I cycled slow and stopped around 2 pm near the city Telč. And the next day I felt a lot better and continued on towards the Austrian border in great weather and no wind. I cycled for more then 80 km and found a very nice place to set up my tent on a little hill just outside the city Znojmo. But I probably should have taken it a little slower because I did not feel well when I woke up this morning. And after cycling for only 2 km I found a room to check in to today. So I will mostly be lying in bed today and hoping I’ll feel better tomorrow and can cross over to Austria which is only about 3 km away.

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