söndag 28 oktober 2012

From tent to Palace

Yesterday I left Zadar alone since the guys I where supposed to cycle with had to fix a bike and take care of some more things. But we’ll probably cycle together tomorrow from Split where I am now.
 When leaving Zadar the roads where flatter than what I had been on for a long time. But I had a head wind, so sometimes it felt like uphill. The wind picked up during the night and I have never been in the tent when it has been so windy, it felt like someone was shaking the tent. But at least it dried up the tent from the rain that fell during the night. And for the first time here in Croatia I had a rainy day. After lunch it started raining more so I pushed on to Split and found a nice hostel inside of the Diocletian's Palace. The old parts of Split are very beautiful with many small narrow paths in the Palace. But it was a little hard finding the hostel in the maze. Today there has been some rain, but I did some sightseeing before lunch without rain=) 

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