tisdag 9 oktober 2012

Cycling along Donau

After leaving Bratislava I set my sight on Budapest and planned to follow the river Donau all the way there. I still haven’t gotten rid of the cold so the first day I didn’t cycle for very long and found a nice place for the tent. And the weather was warm and the tent was surprisingly dry the next morning. I continued along the bicycle road next to the river which was very good until the asphalt turned into gravel and the road was like that for a long time. But I made good distance and crossed over the border to Hungary after a late lunch. I found a good place to stay for the night next to the river and took a cold dip in it to clean up. I had looked at the weather forecast and was expecting some rain this day. And at four a clock the dark clouds came. I hoped it would pass by so I put on my rain gear and got ready for the storm. And there was a lot of rain and even more wind. So when it hadn’t stopped around six a had to set up my tent and make dinner protected from the weather.

But a managed to get a good night sleep anyway and woke up to a damp and cold morning. It seems like the fall has come to these parts as well. The next day the plan was to get close enough to Budapest so that I could have some time to get in to the big city. There was a cold wind today also, but I had it in the back witch was very nice. And after another cold and damp morning a cycled into Budapest and after a little tour around the city I found a hostel where I’ll be staying for two nights.

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