onsdag 6 mars 2013

Finally leaving for Turkey

The first thing I did when arriving in Girne two days ago was to go to the port to find out when the ferry was leaving for Tasucu. The answer I got then was that it was leaving at 23:00 the next day. So I went to the hostel and in the morning I walked to the tourist information to double check the time for the ferry. The woman there made a phone call and told me that the ferry for Turkey was leaving at 14:00 and that I had to be there two hours before. But I had some time before then and went with Daniel, a guy I met at the hostel up to the castle on top of the mountain. He had a rental car so we could get up there and back before noon. It was an impressing place with an amazing view of Girne a long way down by the sea and the mountain right next to it.

When we got back I went down to the port where I was told the ferry was leaving at 3 or 4, so I sat down and waited for it. But when the clock was 3 and I was the only one in the departure hall I knew something was wrong. I talked to someone who told me that the ferry had already left and that it wasn’t for passengers, only for trucks and cars. I was told that the passenger ferry was maybe leaving the next day and that I should come back in the morning to check with them.
I cycled outside of the city and found a beach restaurant that didn’t look to have been used in a while. The door was open so I took a beach bed and a mattress and made it comfortable inside. After a great night sleep I cycled back to the port and got the good news that the ferry was leaving. And right now I’m sitting in the ferry and was glad to see that the wi-fi was working fine. I would prefer to leave at midnight as I did on my way to Cyprus, because then I arrived in the morning. But this time I will be stepping off the ferry at night and will have to find somewhere to set up my tent in the dark. Maybe the park will do fine.

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