onsdag 13 mars 2013


When I left Bor I thought it might take me two days to get to Göreme since it was 110 km and I wanted to stop by Kaymakli to see the underground city. But I was off early in the morning and was really happy to feel a strong wind in my back. So I cycled on at high speed with the most amazing wind most of the time going the same way as I. Sometimes I had it in the side and had to lean in to it to stay straight on the road. This was my fastest day so far on this trip and I had done 80 km at about twelve a clock and stopped in Kaymakli and had all the time I needed there to explore the amazing underground city. It was really cool to a long way down into the ground and walking around all the corridors and rooms. At some points the roof was so low that I almost had to crawl.

I spent more than an hour underground and when I came up again it had started raining. But I only had about 20km left to Göreme where I had booked a nice but really cheap hostel. On my way there I passed by the castle in Uchisar and could see Göreme in the valley below. And the landscape was just amazing.
The next day I started early to see as much as possible. I hitchhiked up to Uchisar and was the first person at the castle. And for an hour I had the place to myself. The view of the valley below from the top of the castle was great and I spent some time there walking around in and around the castle.

After that I walked the Pigeon Valley back to Göreme. Like in the castle there was no one around and it was really peaceful and a great break from the touristic places. And at one point it was really difficult when I had to walk on a very narrow path next to the rock and the gravel was slipping under my shoes. And since I was the only one there I took it slow and got safe to the other side. I don’t think I have a career as a rock climber.
After Pigeon Valley I continued on walking the amazing landscape near Göreme. I walked in the hills and through a narrow gorge and got back to the hostel with tired legs after a day of a lot of walking. I’m used to cycling long distances, not walking this much.
Tomorrow I’m cycling on to the city of Kayseri where I have a couchsurfer to stay with.
More pictures from Cappadocia at www.thebikeadventure.com/Photos

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