söndag 17 februari 2013


It now feels like a long time ogo that I was cycling fast on a crappy road in Hungary and later discovered that one of my back pannier had broken. I managed to continue with it by fixing it to the bike with a wire lock. I contacted Vaude who makes the bags, but they didn’t want to send me a new bag and insisted that I contacted some company that sold their products. It wasn’t easy to find on my way until I came to Athens and found a company that was very helpful and contacted Vaude for me. But it still took a long time until I got the news that they were sending a new bag to the company in Athens. By that time I already had a ferry ticket going to Chios. So when I found the nice apartment in Finike the Greek company sent me the bag with post. There I waited and waited without any package showing up. So last week I couldn’t wait any longer since I had to be in Cyprus this coming week.

But two days ago the package arrived in Finike and yesterday the guy at the hotel put it on a bus that was passing Bozyazı. So finally it looked like everything was going to work out just great. But I couldn’t be sure until I had it in my hand. So at one a clock last night me and my very helpful host got up and met up with the bus to collect the package. And after a little dispute with the bus driver who wanted more money for bringing it to me, I finally got it.

And in the package there was a surprise when I saw that they had sent me two brand new bags. So now I don’t have to think about this anymore and just enjoy life on the road.

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