onsdag 22 augusti 2012

Last visit with relatives

I have been lucky to be able to stay with relatives along my cycle through Sweden, but now I’m in Tingsryd and from here on out I have no one I know to stay with. But I’m not worried about that, I’m looking forward getting to know new people along the way and seeing many new places. Because from here it’s not far to Helsingborg and the ferry to Denmark.

These last two days I’ve cycled about 80 km each, the first day when I left Jönköping was a sunny day with almost no winds. But there were more hills than I have been used to here in the south of Sweden, and the landscape reminded me more of home in the north with a lot of forest. Today have been a rainy day, but that was no problem since I had somewhere to stay tonight and I could continue on cycling without many stops.
 Relaxing with a book close to Lammhult.

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  1. Ska bara kolla att de funkar...Snygg fågelskit på bilden förrästen ;-)