måndag 20 augusti 2012

Cruising down Vättern

After a good night sleep in Mjölby I continued down Vättern to Jönköping. The weather was rainy, but it wasn’t cold and it wasn’t raining all of the time. 

I’m getting more and more comfortable with being on the bike for longer and todays 100+ km felt like an easy day in the saddle. Also because the roads was very good today and I think this was the first day without any gravel roads.

Tonight I also had a couch to sleep on at my cousin’s place. And it always feels great to sleep at someone’s place and having dinner and good company. 

For the next two days I will be heading down to Tingsryd where my uncle lives. And from there it’s not far to Helsingborg where I’m leaving for Denmark. It feels great to get out of Sweden, to see new places and hear another language. It will be much more exiting to cycle trough a different country and face all the problems that might cause. But I’m still in Europe and there probably won’t be much different until I get further east.

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