fredag 23 augusti 2013

Back on the road again

When I returned to Sweden I planned on staying about 6 weeks to sort out my visa for china and then go back to Bishkek after that was done. But I actually ended up staying 2,5 months! I had to wait a while for my letter of invitation, and when everything was done and I had my visa I decided to stay a little longer. I figured since I was home I might as well stay a little longer because I had no rush to get into China.  That was a good decision and I had a great summer. I also think I appreciate Sweden more now when I had been away for a long time. Swedish summer is the best!!(except for the times when it isn’t)

But the will to keep on cycling is still strong and I’m looking forward to getting back out again. Even though I know it might take a while until a get into the rhythm again. I have spent a couple of days here in Bishkek fixing up the bike, doing some planning and getting ready. Today I picked up my Kazakhstan visa and tomorrow morning I’ll be back up on the saddle!! 

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