torsdag 10 januari 2013

Taking a break

My original plan was to cycle to Cyprus where I had gotten a good deal on an apartment. And there I would stay until the east of Turkey was a little warmer and nicer to cycle trough. But now when I was upgraded to this nice apartment here in Finike I decided to stay here for a little while. One reason why is that I’m waiting for a replacement of the back pannier that had broken and the company that helped me get a new one from Vaude will send it here. After that I will continue along the cost without hurry and eventually take the ferry from Taşucu to Cyprus where I will meet up with my parents for a week.
Finike is a beautiful place for some relaxation. The apartment is right by the sea and not far from the mountains for some hiking and bike riding. Today I took a trip up the mountain on my bike on a small gravel road up to 1500 meter above sea level. It took some time getting up there, but the view was amazing with the Mediterranean Sea on one side and snow covered mountains on the other. I just wished I had a nice mountain bike with suspension because the way down was very bumpy. But I took my time and stopped to look out over the valley and listen to prayers echoing from dozen of mosques down below.

Another thing I’m doing while being still for a while is to get in shape. When cycling all day most days there is no problem with my stamina, but when you have been on the bike all day there is no energy left for some sit-ups or pull-ups. And I feel that I need to keep the rest of my body strong so that I don’t have any problem with my back or something else.

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