fredag 2 november 2012

A Swede, a German and a Frenchman

I stayed at a hostel in Split where I met some cool people in a fairly big hostel with only a couple of people staying there at the time. After that I met up with Millou and Juius that I met in Zadar and after a little tour in Split and some pizza we got out of the city and on to the cost road again. Today was also the day to set you clocks back one hour which wasn’t very  good for us who now has one hour less in the afternoon and will have to try and find places to sleep earlier than before. But we were very lucky our first night together and after taking to an old man in a small village we were offered a small room to sleep in which was just perfect. When we arrived at the place there where smoke coming from one house. And we soon found out that they were making rakija. It was cool to see it being made and we had a drink with a policeman who was part of the family where we stayed.

After a good night sleep on a small sofa we cycled on to a small town and sat down for a great breakfast at a coffee shop just by the water. We then followed a small path along the coast that would take us to Makarska. But we didn’t make it far until Millou had a flat tire. And after a few tries the tube was beyond repair and he cycled to Makarska for a spare. Me and Julius had a more relaxing day at the beach and I went for a swim and found a beach shower that was still working. It was strange cycling through there touristic places with so many empty houses and apartments. The little beach where we spent the day there where rows of empty apartments. And when Millou was back on the bike and we started looking for a place to sleep we went by some abandoned hotels that where a little spooky to see. It had been trashed and it was completely empty. We considered sleeping there but thought it was better to continue on. And we talked to a man who showed us a place where we could set up our tents.
The next day we made it into Makarska for breakfast and cycled out after Millou had gotten some spare parts. In the afternoon we slept close to a Swiss man’s house just by a lake that we took bathes in. By dinner it started raining and it continued all night, but luckily it didn’t rain when we got up the next day. Since it was first of November it was holiday and a lot of stores were closed. But we got some breakfast and cycled towards the border to Bosnia and Herzegovina. On our way we passed by a delta with a lot of fruit plantations. And the Clementine’s tasted absolutely great directly from the tree.

The visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina was quick and we were back in Croatia just after 10 km of cycling. And this day we cycled 70 km before lunch, the most I have ever done. But the lunch tasted better than ever before and with full stomachs we didn’t have to cycle much further until setting up camp in a little village not far from Dubrovnik. And today we cycled in to this magnificent city and we will look around. And just as we arrived in Dubrovnik outside the old city we ran into David and Heidi who I met in Ljubljana about two weeks ago. It was really funny to just meet someone by chance like that. Especially because I’m travelling really slow on a bicycle and they are on a motorcycle. Tonight we had a place to stay at about 40 km south of Dubrovnik that we found through And I really need a shower=)

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